Terms and Conditions

For all our services, there are a few terms and conditions that you need to read carefully before proceeding.

The information regarding your debit/credit card and net-banking is not shared with us by the bank and all the details are filled directly on the bank site. To make use of our service, you must be above the age of 18 and should not have been removed by our authorities before.

While registering yourself on our website, you need to provide accurate and latest information. We reserve the right to terminate the account and further usage of the site if any foul play is suspected.

You cannot sell our services to the third party or use them for commercial purposes. This site is for personal use only. The site has the right to terminate the account of the user at will, without any prior notice and at its own discretion.

The content of the website has all the rights reserved for it. Only use the site for the intended purpose, if you use the content for any other purpose your account may be terminated.

The site has tied with third party users and is not responsible for delay or cancellation of payment. The user is responsible for the selection of operator and amount. And the transaction made is the sole responsibility of the operator. We do not take on the money you receive.

The site can change the terms and conditions at will. However, the users would be notified via email if there is a change.