Refund Policy

The following information covers our refund policies, so please read it carefully.

We provide a transparent approach to refunds. Once the transaction is done, there will be no refund. You will be responsible for all your transactions whether it is for correct account number or for an incorrect one.

However, if in case you conduct a transaction for getting your phone recharged, and the money has been deducted from your bank account but the recharge has not delivered yet then you may contact us on +91-7030202303 or write to us at In such a case, you will get your money back.

For this, we request you to write us an email and in the mail body include the following details, such as the value of the recharge, the date of the transaction, and your order number.

Once our investigate team receives the email, they will check it in the database and if they find that money was deducted from your bank account without the delivery of the recharge then you get your refund within the 7 working days from the date of the complaint.

So always make sure you enter the correct information (phone number, recharge value, etc.) while recharging your mobile phone. Also, check your internet connection before proceeding.